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 UK flights to Heraklion

Direct flights to Crete operate between April and October. They include all the main tour operators as well as low cost airlines like Easyjet and Jet2. Please note that some flight operators only start in May.

Many people now use the flight comparison sites such as : 

 www.travelsupermarket.co.uk;www.zugu.co.uk  ; www.skyscanner.co.uk  ; www.cheapflights.co.uk ; easyjet e dreams

 On occasions it can be cheaper to book  one way flights with two different airlines.




IMPORTANT : as you leave  Heraklion airport, you need to call the Service Managers on the numbers below, so that they can meet you in Fodele and introduce you to Daisy and the village. They will always meet you even if your flight is a late one or it has been delayed.

In the unlikely event that you were not able to contact the service managers by phone, simply go to Domenicos Taverna which is in the middle of the village and 100 metres from the car park in the village square. Smoothy George, the proprietor, will make contact with Paul and Angie and we will pay for the drink whilst you wait.


Angie mobile   00 30   6934472328

Paul mobile    00 30  6934621459

This includes the country code and will get you through direct to Paul and Angie



If you wish to hire a car at the airport, you can also try the websites such as www.travelsupermarket.co.uk or www.athenscars-crete.gr

Occasionally, you have to pay a 15 Euro surcharge after 10pm, because the office is closed, so remember to have some Euros  at hand. Some car rentals also want you to bring the car back empty and therefore charge you for a full tank of petrol. I think that this is a rip off and you should go for car hire where you return the car with a tank full of petol and you do not pay extra for the petrol. They also require a credit card and a driving licence. We have found that they will accept a paper or photo licence, even if your paper licence is held together by sellotape and chewing gum ! My apologies if this is all very familiar to you.

 The car hire offices can be found as you exit the terminal building. If you have booked with a smaller car rental firm, you may find their depot is across the road where the cars are parked.  Alternatively, you may be met with a placard bearing your name.You collect your car at the depot across the road from the airport terminal . 




Many of our guests do not hire a car and it has concerned us that the taxi fares can vary.

One of our fellow owners has used AtoB.com  with great success. They charge 7 Euros (may be more now) per person for an airport shuttle service and if there are not enough people for a shuttle, they will take you to your destination by taxi

 Alternatively, you can pre-book a taxi on line, by clicking on  "TAXI TRANSFERS" shown to the left, at the bottom of the menu page. The form is partly filled in for you and the charge of 67 Euros return is a fixed rate.  We do not accept any commission for this service.  

IMPORTANT :  If you get a taxi from the airport, you must ensure that they take you to Fodele VILLAGE and not to Fodele BEACH. They must take you to the far end of the village and drop you off in the village square where you will be met by our service managers. You then have a short journey across the bridge, to Mandarin Grove.



If you have hired a car, it is a straightforward route to Fodele.. You will firstly leave the car hire compound and turn right on to the road. Immediately ahead are traffic lights and you will turn right again. You are now heading towards the main highway and it is important that you make a further right turn following signs to Rethymon. You now stay on the main highway for about 27km. You will see a petrol station just before you reach Fodele. Turn right and follow the road for 3km into Fodele. Go right through the village until you see the village square ahead. Paul and Angie, the service managers, will meet you there and take you to Mandarin Grove. Daisy is the fourth property on the right. The name is on the door.


  the village square


  a short walk across the bridge to Mandarin Grove.  

   We  have even arranged right turns all the way to Fodele, to make the journey easy for you ! 


 Daisy is the fourth property on the right : the name is above the door



You may wish to consider alternative, possibly greener, ways to reach Crete.  A very attractive alternative is to go by rail and ship. If you are interested, you may wish to look at a website called  www.seat61.com. It gives good impartial advice and information.

We also have  families visiting Daisy  who are go by rail and sea.








00 30 6934472328



00 30 6934621459



00 30 281 0521562