We operate a strict ruling that the occupancy of guests staying in Daisy is limited to 4 plus a baby in a cot. This is designed to protect your comfort and  safety

It is well worthwhile to take the European Health Insurance card  (E1-11) with you as it extends your rights to free or discounted medical treatment in the EU.  It could help you to receive quicker treatment or stop you having to pay an excess on your travel insurance. If you already have one , please check that it is still up to date!  They are completely free and you can apply online or phone 0845 606 2030. You still need travel insurance

.There is a modern pharmacy in the village and they do speak English. I tested them in September with a request for suppositories and I found that my diagram was not necessary !

 We do insist that young children do not venture on to the roof terrace without an accompanying adult.

 If you have wet feet, take extra care on the floor tiles and the spiral staircase.

The spiral staircase  should not be used unaccompanied by very young children.

As the water is primarily heated by solar energy and we have no control over the sun, you are recommended to test the water before taking a shower. The water pressure can be so strong that the shower head can "flirt off" if you have it on full throttle.

Please do not allow other guests to use our electrical appliances as our insurance only covers the guests staying in Daisy.

In the interests of health and safety, Daisy is strictly a non smoking property.

I am aware that children are often technologically superior to their parents. However, it is important that they are supervised when using electrical appliances.

We do not ask for a security deposit as we prefer to trust our guests to look after Daisy as if she were their own.

Fodele is not troubled by mosquitoes but if you are susceptible to bites, it is important to use the mosquito nets on all the windows and doors. You can then leave the doors/windows open to suit your needs.

 Please be gentle with the mosquito nets as they can be quite fragile and difficult to replace. In the bedrooms use both hands to clip the bottom of the nets. THANK YOU ! 

You may wish to take a plug in insect repellant with you. If you get an insect bite the locals say put some raki on it..............it worked for me ! NB.  Please remember to drink the rest.

We have had useful suggestions for holiday bites. Some guests take garlic tablets, starting a month before the holiday starts. Insects do not seem to like lavender or lemon. A few strategic drops of citronella on tissues, in pockets and pillows will help.

Please use the swimming pool with care. Young children should always be supervised by an appropriate adult. There are no lifeguards so you use the pool at your own risk. We also ask you to consider other guests when using the pool.     Thank you

I am assured that the drinking water is safe and exceeds EC standards,  but you still may prefer to use the bottled water. You can buy it cheaply at the local supermarket.

Remember to take a photocopy of the directions outlined on page 4 of the website as well as the contact numbers which will be added in the New Year.

You need to take Euros in cash with you as there are no cash machines in Fodele. You would have to go to Agia Pelagia, Carrefour or Heraklion

if you wish to contact the Service Managers at any time, it is important that you keep their numbers with you at all times whilst you are on holiday(see page 4). You may wish to let them know when you are ready to leave the airport for Fodele, so that you can give them a more accurate time of your arrival in Fodele.