Ann and I are a retired couple who bought our property in Crete 9 years ago. Daisy  is wholly owned by us and it is fully covered by public liability insurance, based on an occupancy of 4 people.

 We live in Bolton, Lancashire, UK.

  We have developed our website  so that you can properly assess whether this holiday is absolutely right for you.

Our role is to give you a complete package that offers support for every aspect of your holiday, including advice on car hire or the airport taxi service  ; places to visit ; the best tavernas for your particular needs. What we aim to achieve is to give you the support that you might expect from an organised package holiday, along side the freedom of an independent holiday.



 You have the right to be informed of the standard of service that we provide for you.  We are very fortunate in having our Service Managers, Paul and Angie, living in the village. They take a great interest in the welfare of our guests and they are always on hand to ensure that your holiday is a good one. We have listed below the levels of service that we provide for you


  1. Daisy is regularly checked so that her decor and furnishings are properly maintained.

  2. Daisy has been cleaned prior to your arrival , though to be fair to the Service Managers,  the time interval following the departure of the previous guests, can  occasionally be too short for a "full clean" .

  3. We pay a monthly maintenance charge that covers community costs and the upkeep of Mandarin Grove in good condition .

  4. The beds will be made up and adequate laundry/towels will be available for your needs.

  5.  Electricity and air conditioning  will be paid by us.

  6. We provide a few items waiting for you on your arrival . It will include ; coffee ; tea bags ;one litre of water ; sachets of milk ; 2 toilet rolls; and cleaning materials.

  7. The Service Managers will meet and greet you on your arrival no matter what time you arrive.

  8. If there is a problem during your stay it will be attended to and rectified as soon as possible.

  9. We would be very grateful if guests would let us know their opinion of the holiday in the Visitors' Book ; on our website or in an email to us . We value your opinions.    Thank you

  10. Finally, and in some ways most important : we promise to safeguard your holiday by offering you secure payments by PayPal. We also promise, wherever possible, to acknowledge your emails on the same day that they are sent  and to provide prompt email receipts for  all your payments.

 photos around the pool at Mandarin Grove

 Peter and Ann Jones